Mar 152011

The Wash to be drained for Farmland

The London Guardian

15 March 2061

Despite protests from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, more Sites of Special Scientific Interest, including the Wash and its bird sanctuaries, are to be converted to farmland, in an attempt to increase the daily ration of food to 2,000 calories. The Ministry of Organic Food’s action is thought to come as a result of the riots in parts of the Midlands recently, following a cut in the cheese ration to 50 gram per week.

Although ploughing up of all the Royal Estates last year resulted in an increased supply of wheat to nearby towns, this had only limited effect” said the Minister.

She rejected a suggestion that ammonium nitrate fertilizer should be imported from China to increase crop yields and ease the current food crisis, which began with the UK’s total conversion to organic farming after the Glorious Green Revolution of 2020.

The scheme to terrace the hills of the Lake and Peak Districts and grow more potatoes will be completed next year, and that will allow the potato ration to be increased to 2 kg per week, as well as enabling more sewage from the Manchester conurbation to be used as fertilizer” she said.

New plans to drain the Wash are to be set before the Eco Parliament, showing how the building of a timber and earth barrier, with its associated windmills, will enable 200 km² of land to be reclaimed from the sea, providing work for more than 10,000 and, ultimately, food for double that number.