Nov 102013

Halloween Quiz 

I devised this quiz for the Twilight Meeting of Ampthill Rotary Club which was held on 30th  October 2013. The winning score was 19 and the prize was a box of Black Magic chocolates.

1 On which day should Halloween really be celebrated?

• 31st October • 31st November• 31st December
 Answer: 31st October

2. What is another name for Halloween?
• Feast of the dead •Feast of the Witches • All Hallows Eve
 Answer: All Hallows Eve (Feast of the Witches is 30th April)

3. What does the word ‘Hallow’ mean?
• Ghost • Goblin • Saint
 Answer: Saint

4. Who first celebrated Halloween?
• Vikings • Druids • Egyptians
 Answer: Druids

5. Who celebrates Halloween by eating sweets shaped like skulls?
• Mexicans • Aboriginal Australians • Croatians
 Answer: Mexico

6. By whom were witches first condemned?

• Emperor Nero • The Old Testament • Pope Innocent VII

Answer: The Old Testament, in the book of Deuteronomy.

7. When was the last witch burnt in Britain?

• 1527 • 1627 • 1727

Answer: Janet Home at Dornoch, Scotland, in 1727.

8. When did the ancient Celts celebrate their new year?
• 1st November • 21st December • 1st January
 Answer: 1st November

9. Where are pumpkins native to?
• Peru • Mexico • USA
 Answer: USA

10. What is a group of witches called?
• Convoy • Commune • Coven
 Answer: Coven

11. Who was burned as a sacrifice on Halloween in the 1973 film The Wicker Man?
• Edward Woodwardd • John Mills  • Herbert Lom
Answer: Edward Woodward

12. What is a male witch called?
• Warlock • Wizard • Sorcerer
 Answer: Warlock

13. Who wrote the book Frankenstein?
• Percy Shelley • Mary Shelly • Bram Stoker
 Answer: Mary Shelley

14. What type of monster was Frankenstein?

• A man who had been hanged • A man who had suddenly died • A murdered lunatic
Answer: None of these. Dr Frankenstein was his master. Deduct 2 points from your score if you Answered this question.


15. What was Frankenstein’s first name?
• Boris • Victor • Schweitzer
 Answer: Victor
16. Which two colours are associated with Halloween?
• Green and Black • Red and Black • Orange and Black
 Answer: Orange and Black

17. Which animals are associated with Halloween?
• Bats • Black cats • Wolves
 Answer: Black cats
18. The Celts dressed up in strange costumes for Halloween. Why?
• To scare the spirits away • To placate the spirits • To fool the spirits
 Answer: To scare the spirits away
19. What offering did the Druids sacrifice to their gods?
• Goats • Humans • Dogs
 Answer: Human beings

20. Which of these people died at Halloween?

• Houdini in 1926 • Harold Shipman in 2004 • People of Canterbury in 1942
Answer: Houdini and the People of Canterbury (air raid victims).

Give yourself an extra point if you ticked the two correct answers.

21. What is the day following Halloween called?

• Angel Gabriel Day • All Saints Day • Deliverance Day

Answer: All Saints Day

22. Which is said to be the most haunted place in England?

• Tower of London • Pendle Hill in Lancashire • Borley in Essex

Answer: Borley in Essex

23. What is a sure sign that a place is haunted?

• Sudden drop in temperature • dogs are afraid to enter • things move of their own accord

Answer: None of them. There are no ghosts. Deduct 2 points from your score if you ticked one of these answers.

24. Why were fonts in churches sealed when not in use?

• To prevent people adding unholy water • to prevent witches stealing the holy water • to prevent evil spirits defiling the holy water.

Answer: To prevent witches stealing the holy water.

25. How many witches are needed to form a ritualistic assembly?

• 7 • 13 • any number

Answer: Any number.

26. When were Black Magic chocolates first produced?

• 1913 • 1923 • 1933

Answer: 1933 

The tie-breaker question would have been the following: What year did trick-or-treat first begin? The person guessing the nearest year wins.

Answer: 1895 

It started in Scotland as ‘guising’, then spread to Canada in 1911, and then to the USA, where it got the name ‘trick-or-treat’ in 1946.