Feb 092012

New village with zero energy bills

Global Times News

12 February 2061

The new Dolphin retirement village at La Gomera, in The Canary Islands, was officially opened by the Minister for the Environment yesterday who praised the fact that it was entirely self-sufficient in energy. All cottages are equipped with fitted kitchens and entertainment facilities and are fully air conditioned thanks to SuperGlass windows and roofs.

SuperGlass adjusts to the level of sunlight falling on it, allowing light and warmth to enter when the weather is cool but when the weather is hot it generates energy which can be used to work air-conditioning – and the new glass is also self-cleaning.

Dolphin village generates enough electricity to power all its buildings plus a desalination plant that provides its 500 dwellings with two million litres of water per week, enough to supply all that is needed for washing, cleaning, and toilets, as well as irrigating the large gardens and fruit trees, which are mainly oranges and avocados, growing on its terraced hillside overlooking the Atlantic. The village also has cafés, bars, heated pool, leisure club, shops, health centre, and golf course.