Nov 092011

Organic farming is the only sustainable way to grow food.

This is clearly true in a world of small villages when all the food that is grown is eaten locally and both animal and human manure is returned to the soil along with the compost of decayed plants. However, in a world of towns and cities so many nutrients are lost to the land and must be replaced from some other source.

Organic farming uses manure as a fertiliser but of course this comes from animals who have been fed on grass or crops grown on other land which in turn eventually its nutrient chemicals need replacing. Organic farming which needs a third more land to produce the same amount of food is not an option in a world with 7 billion people, most living in cities.

Organic farmers claim that they don’t use chemical pesticides but that is not true. They use first generation chemical pesticides that were the only ones available in the 1800s and they need to use much more of these than the third generation targeted pesticides which conventional farmers now have at their disposal. Some first generation pesticides are now banned because they pose a threat to humans.

The claim that organic food is healthier food is without foundation says the UK’s Food Standards Agency, and they should know.