Oct 282011

Cooking on human remains

The Sun

19 October 2061

Villagers at Fallbridge were horrified to discover that for years they had been cooking their meals and heating their homes with gas from the decomposing bodies of a serial killer.

Loner Fred East lured his victims to his home in Upton St Davids where he murdered them and then disposed of their bodies by dissecting them in his shed and taking their remains at night to the local bio-digester. There they decomposed to the methane and hydrogen gas that is used by most of the homes in the village for cooking and heating purposes. Villagers are allowed to dispose of waste meat and even dead animals, such as birds and rodents, in the digester and it was only when this was given its 5-year overhaul that officials discovered remains of human skulls.

Dental records allowed some of these to be identified as those of missing persons and DNA tests have revealed their true identities, which in turn led to Smith being questioned as the person last seen with some of them leaving a local night club in nearby Cheltenham.