Apr 122011

Secret of Moses longevity was carbohydrate

BBC on-line news

12 April 2061

Sprightly centenarian, Adam Bodkin, yesterday launched his new book Health Thru High Carbs at the National Food Venue (NFV). It claims that we are not eating enough of the right carbohydrate and that following his diet plan we can prevent our bodies from ageing. The secret is trehalose which plants use to survive for years without rain.

Eat lots of trehalose-rich foods and you too can preserve your body.”

According to Bodkin, one early example of longevity through eating trehalose was the Old Testament prophet Moses, who lived to be 120.

While they were in the wilderness, Moses and the Children of Israel were fed on trehalose, which God provided in the form of manna.”

Sceptics have challenged Bodkin for citing unreliable biblical evidence, but his supporters are quick to point out the Bodkin is already 103 years old and looks as though he will continue in good health for many years to come. To prove his fitness, Bodkin was filmed walking up all ten flights of stairs to get to the NFV conference room.