Jun 042017

Quick and easy data about all of the known 118 elements. If you’d like to know a bit about how the elements were discovered, who discovered them, when and where then here is a book which just gives you the facts. And it you’d like to know why they came to be arranged in the form of the periodic table then here it is. And all written in a way that avoids using words that only chemists understand.

Dec 062015

When researcher Adam Friend discovers a new artificial sweetener he dreams of the financial success this will bring. What he does not foresee are the conflicts with those who also seek to profit from his work and those who oppose it as another unwanted chemical in our food. Meanwhile, his partner Yvette and her friend Laura become involved in ways that neither envisaged. Adam’s dream becomes a nightmare at the launch of the new sweetener, but then he gets a helping hand from a most unexpected source…

This is a tale of intrigue, deception, plots, romance, and betrayal, and all the while something rather strange is lurking in the background. Book cover of Sweet Dreams


Dec 062015

This book devotes a single page to every known element, including the ones named this century, and highlights its most interesting features: where it comes from, how much we use, and what it is used for. There’s also a table of its key properties. At the end of the book is an Element Quiz based on their names and chemical formulas. Yorks Guide to Elements

Nov 102013

Halloween Quiz  I devised this quiz for the Twilight Meeting of Ampthill Rotary Club which was held on 30th  October 2013. The winning score was 19 and the prize was a box of Black Magic chocolates. 1 On which day should Halloween really be celebrated? • 31st October • 31st November• 31st December  Answer: 31st [...]